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A collection of directories with information on Ayton people and businesses. 1806, 1825-1903. 1932, 1937.

School records

School admission registers and headmaster's log books

Statistical Accounts of Scotland - Ayton chapters

The Statistical Account of Scotland (1791) the New Statistical Account of Scotland (1845) and the Third Statistical Account of Scotland (Sometimes now referred to as the First, Second and Third Statistical accounts). The chapters dealing with the parish of Ayton have been transcribed here.

David Sinclair was a grocer and spirit merchant with a shop near the junction of High St and Old Town. The History Society was lucky to be given a book which we have called his "Tick Book". You can see a photo of it and what we think it was is a record of items taken by customers and paid for at a later date. There is a large tick beside each item which may indicate that the item has been paid for. Hence the expression getting something "on tick". That's our theory anyway! Society members shave transcribed much of the book (which dates from 1866 to 1869) and created indexes of names and addresses of customers and the goods they bought.

Like most communities, Ayton lost a considerable number of men in the First World War. A memorial to these men was erected in 1921 and the names of those killed in the Second World War were subsequently added. As part of a project to learn more about those who were commemorated in the Roll of Honour displayed in the church Society members have been carrying out more research. This is an ongoing project but the names on the war memorial were addressed first and there are to be information boards erected near to the memorial by the Community Council. The History Society has provided the information for the boards which can be seen on this link. As well as information on the men listed there is information about the memorial and its unveiling in 1921.

This valuation roll covers Ayton as well as the neighbouring parishes of Bunkle, Chirnside, Cockburnspath, Coldingham, Eyemouth, Foulden, Hutton and Mordington. An indexes of proprietors whose rentals amount to £50 and upwards and an index of mansion houses, farms, mills, towns and villages is also included.

The following details are recorded.

  • Description and situation of subject

  • Proprietor

  • Tenant

  • Occupier

  • Feu Duty

  • Rent

The information in this section has been taken from ScotlandsPlaces. The tax rolls for Ayton have been listed and provide information on the people who were liable for paying tax and in the case of servants, the names of these people too.

The rolls cover the following taxes.

  • Wheel Carriage Tax

  • Cart Tax

  • Clock and Watch Tax

  • Dog Tax

  • Farm Horse Tax

  • Carriage and Saddle Horse Tax

  • Female Servant Tax

  • Male Servant Tax

  • Hearth Tax

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