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Links to external websites

ScotlandsPlaces is a free resource that lets you explore thousands of records about Scotland simply by searching for a place name, clicking on a map or typing in your postcode. Search results bring together three national collections so that you can easily find maps, photographs and written records about your chosen place. Try searching under Ayton.

Borders Family History Society A good place to look for help with your genealogy.

Ayton Past on Facebook. All sorts of posts from people with memories of Ayton.

PastMap Exploring Scotland's Historic Environment (Historic Environment Scotland)

National Library of Scotland Map Images Here you will find maps of Scotland dating back to 1560. Among many useful features you can overlay some old maps with present day aerial photographs.

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club. Instituted in 1831, the club has recorded a very large amount of information about every aspect of life in the Borders: archaeology, genealogy, history, sociology, topography and all branches of natural history. It is an invaluable repository for such primary information.

Annandale Family Links to the Annandale family who lived at Peelwalls before emigrating to Canada in 1911. 

Ayton Castle. Link to Ayton Castle website with historical details as well as currents events and projects.

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