(The information on the right is taken from the back of the photograph)

United Free Church, Summerhill, Ayton.

Kirk Session, Circa 1900.

Back Row

James Purvis, James Connachie, John Mason, Robert Hume Sen,

R. Hume Jun, Alexander Patterson.


James Yule, Rev. David Cairns, Rev. William Wilson, John Brown.


James Purvis: Head Forester, Ayton Estate, resided at Woodhouse, Littledene.

James Connachie: Local Veterinary Surgeon who resided at Summerhill Nursery

Robert Mason: Local Draper who had the shop opposite the Red Lion Hotel and who lived above the shop.

Robert M. Hume: Local painter who employed some 5 or 6 tradesmen.

R.M.Hume: Painter who carried on the business after his father's death. The Humes occupied the first house in the Beanburn and a daughter had a business round the corner in the High Street.

Alex. Patterson: Was the local postman but also carried on a cobblers business next door to Gilchrist, the grocer (who was next to the Clocktower)


James Yule: Reputed to have been a shepherd at Ayton Castle and at his retirement lived in the house, now demolished, between Darlin? and Kelvinside.

Rev. David Cairns: Minister of the above church from 1895 to 1967. Eventually appointed Professor in Aberdeen.

Rev. William Wilson: Was Minister of the Old U.P. church in Springbank and afterwards became senior Minister of the U.F.Church.

John Brown: He was in charge of the Sawmill at Ayton Mill.

(The information on the right is taken from the back of the photograph)

The Ayton Volunteers 1894


Standing; Left to Right:

1. ?

2. Alex. Tait. Worked in Mr. Doughty's office in Ayton.

3. Peter Darling. Postman.

4. James Turner. Father of Ramsey Turner.

5. Scott of Reston

6. George Redpath. A plasterer.

7.    Cooper

8. John Allan. A farmer at East Reston. Inherited Peelwalls after his uncle died. His Aunt financed the renovations of the Mission Hall in Ayton and gave towards the organ in Ayton Church.


Sitting: Left to Right:

1. Joseph Johns.  Saddler with Davidson of Ayton. Father of Mrs Horsburgh of Ayton 01d Town.

2. T.P.Doughty. Solicitor in Ayton.

3. David Watson.

4. Robert Dalgetty. Contractor. Kept his horses in the fields in the Crofts and what is now Ayton       Playing Field


Sitting in Front:

Left. David Marshall. Worked at Bleachfield Paper Mill. Had 6 sons and 6 daughters.

Right. John Aitchison. Worked at Bleachfield Paper Mill.


This photograph was taken before the front door of East Reston Farmhouse; 1894.

The Ayton Volunteers at the South Lodge

Back Row, Left to Right.

Sgt. Cummings, Sgt Instructor.

Sandy White, Blacksmith.

Alec Dalgetty

R.Winter, Slater

Robert Dalgetty

Jock Spratt.



Front Row, Left to Right.





(The information above is taken from the back of the photograph)

The 6th Berwickshire Troop in camp at Springwell. 1932.


Standing left to right:

W.Frater, A Johnston, A.Phelps,(skip), D Aitchison, D Marshall,{A.S.M.), J.Tay1or, H Payne,

A.B. Watt (S.M.), J,Swanston.



B.Swanston, J. Gullen, J.Millar, A.Chisholm, R.Jones.

(The information above is taken from the back of the photograph)

The 6th Berwickshire Troop in camp at Springwell. 1932.

The skipper explaining points on the Rustic Gate

Ayton Boy Scouts at camp 12th to 20th August 1932.

In The Berwickshire News of 12th August 1932 it is recorded that the 6th Berwickshire Troop, under Scout Master Alex Watt, camped at Springwell, Co Durham in conjunction with the Seaham Troop. They visited Durham Cathedral and had various outings. The expenses were paid by Sir C Furness of Netherbyres, Eyemouth. The persons in the photo are (left to right) Albert Phelps, GSM Springwell Scouts, Billy Swanston (died as POW in Japanese camp), John Swanston, David Aitchison of Burnmouth, now skipper of the "Ivanhoe", John Miller, Bobby Jones, Alex Johnston of Burnmouth, Andrew Chisholm, John Gullen, Alex Watt GSM, Jim Taylor, Harry Payne.

(The information above is taken from the back of the photograph, but evidently added at some later date)

J Cooper, Saddler.

This is now the house at 5 High St, Ayton

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