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Out and About in the Old Ayton and District of Yester Year

see enlarged section below

The locations on this map have been identified by Irvine Inglis who has lived most of his life in Ayton.

1  The Poor House

2  Gas House Lane

3  Three different Sawmills

4  The original Royal Bank

5  The Commercial Bank

6  The Paper Mill

7  Damhead for Paper Mill

8  The Hare Crags

9  The Steel Burn

10 The Rubbish Dump

11 The Caller Well

12 Home Guard Rifle Range

13 The Horn

14 The Big Rocks

15 The viaduct

16 The Crystal Dub

17 Most recent Gas Works

18 Lovers' Lane

19 The Avenue

20 The Cart Shed (Site of)

21 Millerton Hospital

22 The Wishing Well

23 Feature which delineates water shed          between the Ale and Eye Waters.

24 WWII German POW camp.

25 Not on the map -  Tam's Hole

    (dene beside road junction

    at top of Ayton Hill) Roman Camp

    (Habchesters, at apex of hill)

26 1930s Cricket Pitch

27 Heather House(Site)

28 Horn Water area

29 Golf Club House (Site)

30 Broonrig Pond

31 Sawmill Lane

32 Old Post Road        

33 Curling Pond

34 Flemington Mill

35 Hairy Craig's Quarry           

36 Volunteer Hall     

37 Auld Meeting House              

38 Kip Rock Quarry

39 Huldie's Gate 

40 Four Smiddies (In The Village)

41 "Coo Field"/Sledging Field        

42 WW2 Italian POW Camp 


43 Johnny Allan's also a smiddy

     Lemonade Works

44 Mason's Drapers Shop              

45 "Ale" Spence's Dairy Behind Moffat              House

46 Clay Tileworks       

47 Ex Servicemen's hut

48 Sports field (up to nineteen-sixties)

49 Musket Range

50 Sand Quarry (Sandpit)

51 Littledean Millpond

52 The Nurse's House 21 The Crofts

53 Brickworks

54 Netherbyres Mill

55 Broonrig Keeper's house(Site of)

56 Whitlie's yard Behind St Andrews Squ.

57 Hillburn sawmill

58 "John Swanston's"gasworks Site of              Rokeby, Tower Road

59 Nether Ayton

60 Maggie Murphy's

61 Old paper mill

62 The Murder Hole

63 The Quarry

64 The Jail Rear part GF Clocktower House

65 Potters Row row of houses at        Craigavon

66 The Volunteers Rifle Range

67 Volunteers Ammunition Magazine

68 Ayton Ford    

69 Mack's Field Loaning

70 Church where 1380 England

     - Scotland truce prolonged

71 Nettlie Brae

72 Building of Ayton Castle, Peelwalls

      House and the railway forced

      major changes in the road layout.

      A small section of original road

      from Eyemouth via Chirnside

      exists at top of Millerton Hill.

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