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By 12 August 1948, after six days of heavy rain, many parts of Berwickshire suffered severe flooding.

Low lying farmland near Ayton was turned into a giant inland lake estimated to be more than a mile long and 28ft (8.53m) deep containing 400 million gallons (1,820 million litres) of water.

The main East Coast railway was severely damaged with several bridges destroyed. This section includes a film recording the repairs to the railway plus several still photos of the work done to get the railway operational again.

The programme of celebrations to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth . Tuesday 2nd June 1953

Like most communities, Ayton lost a considerable number of men in the First World War. A memorial to these men was erected in 1921 and the names of those killed in the Second World War were subsequently added. As part of a project to learn more about those who were commemorated in the Roll of Honour displayed in the church Society members have been carrying out more research. This is an ongoing project but the names on the war memorial were addressed first and there are to be information boards erected near to the memorial by the Community Council. The History Society has provided the information for the boards which can be seen on this link. As well as information on the men listed there is information about the memorial and its unveiling in 1921.

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