1932 Directory


Aitchison, Wm. G. Beadle and Caretaker, Ayton Old Church

Allan, Miss, Bootmerchant

Allan, J.N., Black Bull Hotel

Archbold, D.S.L., White Swan Hotel

Armitage, T.G., Baker

Burn & Johnston, Slaters and Plasterers, Beanburn

Cunningham, John, Red Lion Hotel

Cowie, George, Gas Manager

Christie, A.H., Plumber

Christie, J.K., Plumber

Cooper, J., Saddler & Ironmonger

Craig, M., Baker

Craig, J.D., Joiner

Dalgetty, J.A., Coal Merchant &c

Dalgetty, Miss, Coal Merchant &c

Dalgetty, J.G., Tailor & Clothier

Doughty, J.T.S, Writer

Ewart, William, Blacksmith

Frater, W.R. & Sons, Painters

Hall, W., Cycle Agent. Tel 23

Hair, G., White Swan Hotel

Hogg, W., Butcher

Hume, Mrs, Painter and Decorator

Hume, Miss, Stationer

Hume, Miss, Stationer and “Advertiser” Newsagent

Inglis and Hogg, Joiner and Sawmiller

Ingles, J.J., Stationer, etc. Post Office. Tel 1

Jeffry, Mrs, Stationers & Newsagent

Johnston, John, Grocer (licensed)

Johnston, J.L., Baker

Lawrie, T., Motor Hirer

Lugton, Geo.P., Blacksmith

Lugton, P., Draper

Martin, Jas., Bleachfield Mill

Mason, J.M., Draper

Morrison, A., Nurseyman

O’Neill, J., Stationmaster

Paterson, Alex., Shoemaker

Phillips, A., Confectioner

Scott, P.W., Contractors, Whitrig. Tel 17

Spence, Misses, Dairy

Spratt, Mrs, Game Dealer

Swanston, Mrs, Dairy

Stoddart, D.M., Grocer (licensed) Tel 24

SMT Agent, A. Philips, Grocer

Taylor, J., Dairyman

Turner, Jas., Slater and Plasterer

Waite, P.C., Police Station

Watt, Miss, Boarding House

Watt, Robt., Coal Merchant

Weddell, J., Blacksmith

White, John, Butcher

Whitehead, Jas. C., Cycle Agent

Wilson, A., Vet.Surgeon

Wood & Sons, Motor Engineers. Tel 5


Resident J.P.’s

Capt. H.H. Liddell Grainger, Ayton Castle

Adam Little, St Helen’s

J.J. Rankin, Ayton Law

J. Scott, Whitrig

Alex Smith, The Retreat

J.D. Smith, Peelwells

James Miller, Summerhill



The Rev. J.J.M.L. Aiken, Old Church of Scotland

The Rev. Jno. Paul, B.A., West Church of Scotland

Session Clerk of Ayton Old Church, Ainsworth Wilson

Session Clerk of Ayton West, J. Halcrow


Public School

Jeremiah Halcrow, Headmaster


Post Office

Mr Jas. Ingles. Tel. 1


Inspector of Poor and Registrar



Medical Practitioner

Dr Edgecombe, who is on the Berwickshire Insurance Committee’s Panel. Tel 2.


Oddfellows Society

Secretary, A.H. Christie

Treasuerer, J. Aitchison

Secretary Insurance Section, J.A. Shed


Burial Ground

Clerk, A. Gladstone


Ayton District Nursing Association

Secretary, Mrs Smith

Treasurer, Mrs Martin


District Nurse

Nurse Johnston



Mr G.G. Hogarth, Commercial, Tel.4

Mr N.W. Willins, Royal Bank of Scotland


Ayton and District Cow Insurance Club

J.A. Shed, Secretary


Ayton Ex-Service and Recreation Club

Secretary, A. Gladstone

Chairman of Ex- Service Club, Mr N.W. Willins

Caretaker of Ex-Service Club, J. Gullen


Football Club

Secretary, T. Whitehead


Tennis Club

Secretary, A. Gladstone


Old Age Pensions

Clerk, A. Gladstone


Horticultural Society

Secretary, J.Gillies Dalgetty



President, Mrs G.G. Hogarth

Secretary, Mrs Shed

Quoiting Club

Secretary, A. Thomson


Ayton Musical Association

Secretary, Miss Winnie Hume

President, Mrs Hogarth

Conductor, T. Patterson Lamb


Ayton Operatic Society

Conductor, D. Macdonald (Berwick)

Secretary, P. Gullen

Treasurer, Miss Alice Christie


Ayton Troop of Boy Scouts

Scoutmaster, A.L. Milne

A.S.M. Watt


Ayton Girl Guides

Miss Turnbull, Captain

Miss Sinclair, Lieut.

Miss Ruth Hume, Lieut


Volunteer Hall

Secretary, J. Cooper


Population of Parish

In 1911 -1577.

In 1921 – 1521

In 1931 – 1413

Valuation 1931-32 - £13,975 and £730 (Railways)


Half-Holiday - Thursday



Ale Mill (£225), James Moor

Ayton Law (£1080), Jas. J. Rankin. Tel 6.

Ayton Mains (£240), M.L.Kirkwood

Bastleridge (£600), Messrs Landels

Chesterbank (£148), Messrs Wood

Cocklaw (£914), A. Steele

E. Flemington (£54), Messrs Wood

Eyemouth Mill (£180), W.Paterson

Fairnieside (£917), Wm. Prentice. Tel 14

Greystonelees (£275), J. & J. Rae

Gunsgreenhill (£500), J. Sanderson. Tel Eyemouth 40

Killielaw Muir (£94), Messrs Craig

Highlaws (£380), Jas. Sandison. Tel Eyemouth 39

Linthill (£575), Messrs Rae

Littledean (£428), Mr J.T. Craig

Netherbyres Mill (£71), W. Bell

Peelwalls (£401), Messrs J.&G. Brown

Prenderguest (£700), Mrs Lindsay. Tel.3

Redhall (£434), Messrs T. & A. Edgar

Upper Killielaw (£103), G. Nisbet, Acredales

Whiterig (£838), James Scott

Whitecross (£416), Messrs Johnston

W.Flemgington (£285), Messrs Wood


Landed Gentry & Resident in the County

Liddell-Grainger, Capt., H.H., Ayton Castle. Tel 12.

Smith, Mr & Mrs J.D., Peelwalls

Martin, Mr and Mrs Jas., Bleachfield

Burn-Murdoch, Sheriff-Sub., H.B., Balabraes. Tel. Ayton 10

The 1932 Berwickshire Advertiser Directory of Berwickshire
Ayton extracts

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