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Ayton history

History Society


Ayton Local History Society was established in 2000. We have gathered much history about the village and its inhabitants and this website is intended to share that information with anyone who is interested.

Aim of the Society

The aim of the Society is to promote interest in local history and heritage through meetings, lectures, discussions, research or any other suitable means.


Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held in Ayton Community Hall each month September to March (except December) and start at 7.30pm.

A guest speaker is invited to talk on a topic of interest and in April a visit to a local venue is organised.


Members can borrow books on topics of local interest.


Annual membership is £7.

Non members £3 per evening

Anyone is very welcome to attend any meeting.

Society's Collection of Local History

Ayton Local History Society has collected a number of documents and photographs of local historical interest

Ayton Heritage


Ayton Heritage was formed following a public meeting in June 2019 to determine if there was enough interest in preserving the ruins of St Dionysius, the former parish church dating back to the 12th century.

A Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) was formed and has currently over 40 members.

Other projects may be undertaken in the future.

Aim of the Charity

  • Conservation of any building, structures or item which provides a link to Ayton's past.

  • Researching and promoting the history of any heritage related items.

  • Recording findings in a manner which makes them accessible in the future.

  • Making knowledge gained accessible for educational purposes.

  • Providing the opportunity of training for volunteers in techniques required to carry out the above.

The St Dionysius Project

The project currently being undertaken by Ayton Heritage is the preservation of the ivy- clad ruin of St Dionysius. This was the parish church until 1867 and dates back to the 12th century.

For details of the project please follow these links.

Ayton Old Church c1836.jpg
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